Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Sunday :)

Super laid back
Wore my fav earrings

Went to church
Ate lunch with my favoritest person in the whole wide world (mr. handsome:)
Bought some beautiful yellow flowers to celebrate my dear friends birthday

And ate my heart out at Dlish with family and friends.
And it was HOT HOT HOT
It's not even summer?! yikes. Looks like I'm gonna be visiting my 7-11 every day this summer :)
or just chasing after the candy man in his truck! LOL I do not kid. I'm serious. I've run blocks. And I hate running. But a cold popsicle it definitely is enough to make me run- LOL

and... I made more art cards to give away!
Can I just tell you how reassuring you guys have been. Thanks for listening to my worry little self. I NEVER like to disappoint ANYONE. NEVER EVER. So not the way I roll. But YES! I will gladly and with lots of love welcome international posts! I think it's a great idea to spread the love! Seriously cool idea so post away as I WILL be making sure these little ones make it across the ocean. We're going worldwide baby! :) Just another imaginary way to fill up my passport. (One of my life goals) YAY!!!

Art cards





Okay so off to go make some more lovely cards for you my sweet friends :)
5 more to go! and Remember to post a comment, even multiple times ;0) for a chance to win a card on Thursday, May 1st.
I'm drawing 12 card winners and 1 rak winner AND 1 LO with your pic winner. SHeesh. That's a whole lotta lovin'

you guys rock!


jenjock1 said...

you are amazing and brilliant and absolutely my fave. i kinda feel like a stalker lately, actually. :)

Bekka said...

LOVE your earrings! And wow -- your art is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

WoW! WoW! Wo! and WoW!
all four, very lovely!

I already comments on the cold weather here in Texas, but I'm going to again. We went to see my son, Jake in Austin. We had so much fun. I miss that boy! oops man!hehe
We went with him to look at some property on Sunday afternoon, and boy was it cold. in the 40's! The bad thing was that we weren't expecting it and didn't have the proper clothing. LOL

Enjoy your warm weather and drink plenty of slurpies. Yum Yummy!

Have a fabulous Monday!
Sandra :)

Anonymous said...

ditto on what jen said. these cards are ASTONISHING! (aka can't stop lookin').
& thanks too, for encouragement to "get blogging".

so many 'must do's', so little time.
blessings to you.

Mari said...

wow!!such amazing art cards!!
love your earrings>!!!

Louise said...

Ooh I feel a tad greedy,... but I am tempted to post a another 100 comments - LOL

so wanna have a peice of this ART!!

Louise :)

Marcia Hamelijnck said...

You're one of my fave blogs at the moment! Your art cards are very inspiring to me :-)!


metrochic said...

i can't even deal with you woman. you are -- i don't even know. you are amazing. i'm with jen in the stalkin'.

Keka said...

So let's see where to start...your earrings are beautiful, your cards amazing, and you're just plain great! I wish i could win all three things! xoxo my lovely friend!

Lindsay said...

Debee...I just seriously adore your work! Your style is like no other! So unique! Congrats on approaching your blog anniversary!


angie said...

hi there! i popped over from SIStv to add a comment to shamelessly be eligible for the drawing on may 1. i love your art and am so inspired when you post new stuff - you inspire me:)

jen paddack-hyde said...

just found your blog yesterday and your work is amazing. Love these cards. they are amazing:)

Anonymous said...

another lovely batch of cards! love them all!

Anonymous said...

love your cards! wow the paper, stitching and emblishments.

Anonymous said...

Hi D - me again.... you've really spread your wings! Awwwwwwesome! Loves! Loves! Loves!

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

They. are. all. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your earrings... and the yellow flowers are beautiful.
4 and 7 are my favorite art cards from this set, but each piece is beautiful. :)

leewoodside said...

You know how much I love each and every one.

dani said...

wooooow! look at all these comments!

So ... I need your earrings. They are the best color!

and those art cards are sooo swoon worthy. Love the one with the cloud and rain drops, it's just perfect. well, really they're all just perfect, but I think that ones my fav. so far!

Anonymous said...

I just had to leave a comment. I have only discovered you via SISTV only a month ago, and yet you completely inspire me. I adore your style, and anxiously await your every new post.... Your pieces are delicious and i could eat up all you amazing projects. I have recently pulled out my sewing machine... because a little birdie inspired me too. Thanks for the inspiration!


Erin said...

add me to the blog stalker list ;)
love love love all your gorgeous pieces!

Cattis said...

WOOOW!!! So much inspiration!!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutley, positively LOVE your art! You have a great sense of style in everything! Thanks for all the daily fun and blog inspiration!