Friday, April 11, 2008


is Friday :)
I LOVE Fridays.
I wish we didn't have to work on Fridays
I called in work and told them I wasn't working on Fridays anymore.

I stand firm on my LOVE for Friday's and wish to make them official holidays!

Of course, I was only talking to my sweet friend at work who answered the phone and laughed a sweet little giggle when I told her.
But don't you wish it too?
Or is there something else you'd like to declare a holiday for?

Come over to my place and play some Wii with me :)

have a happy friday!


Mandi Johnson said...

hmmmm.... there should be a chocolate holiday! A day dedicated to just eating chocolate. I'm soooo all for that. ;)

Kate O'Brien said...

no work on fridays sounds good to me! :) and wii - i'm there!

have a great work-free weekend!

dani said...

Ok, I'm coming over right now! lol.... I wish. I've never ever gotten the chance to play Wii!!

I work and school from home so I pretty much always end up declaring Friday a holiday... but don't tell on me!

Anonymous said...

I love Fridays too. Fridays would be a great holiday. Every weekend would be a 3 day weekend. YaY!

I think birthdays should be a holiday too. Life should be celebrated, of course everyday, but especially your special day, commplete with the day off!

Have fun playing Wii. You would be bored with me playing. I uh...let's just say I'm not very good at those games. We would probable have fun laughing at me though. hehe

Have a great weekend.