Thursday, April 24, 2008

He's trying to tell me something

I think he's that saddest little thing I've seen in a while. :(
He got cranky again yesterday. All he does is make this little humming noise and then shows me his sad face.
So no music for me while I walk on the treadmill. Dang it.
And can you see the popped out ear bud. Those suckers have been around for almost 5 years. Yeah. I'm cheap.
But seriously, you pay 400. for an ipod + 100 for insurance a year later the thing stops working, you go back and they give you a new ipod. but no new buds?! lame.

Okay. So lack of posting is due to some changes from the CTS. Thank you thank you for your comments! They really lifted me up. I'm struggling emotionally with this and hope to not go crazy because of it. Oh wait. I already am crazy! LOL. Check that of the list. So here I am to tell you I have a plan for my blog anniversary in May. Thats totally coming up and want to let you know I'm working on some art cards. 12 of them to be exact. Seeing as I've only 6 comments from the last one, I think things are looking good for all of you ;) YAY!

So yeah. that's the plan man!. You want an art card, just post a comment, say hi or something :) I like that. And if you post more than once, you get more chances to win. That's how I roll. I'm working on a rak to give away AND I will throw in a made by me layout with your photo. I know. That's a lot. But seriously, I'm just so dang happy it's like a birthday coming up. I *heart* birthdays!

And just to go green, try using some magazine pages together to make some art.
Here's mine:

Check out next weeks challenge here: WWC#12
And the rest of the mini book is here: at SIStv
I cannot get enough of butterflies and confetti dots :)
and well, my sweet little sewing machine too.
nothing else new...YET
I'll be back with more art cards to give out!


Keka said...

Ahhhhh I can't wait till your blogger-versary!! :)

Louise said...

Sheeeesh Debee now youve really got me excited, A LO ...Wooow,

Please count me in AGAIN! [lol]

Loolabelle :)x

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I definitely agree...that Ipod has seen better days. :(

I hope your hand feels better soon.!

Okay, that mini is so adorable. How do you come up with these ideas? Very cool!! I love it.

I've been pretty busy with family and work lately, I haven't had any time to scrap at all.I'm really starting to have withdrawals. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend.

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

Me ♥ b-days too! =D
Have a GREAT day!

dani said...

aw, poor little ipod!

hate that you're dealing with CTS, I selfishly so look forward to your posts. And not selfishy just don't want you to have it of course!

birthdays *are* the best.

love the magazine mini, when I was looking at it on SIS I was spending so much time staring at each page, just eating it up!

Anonymous said...

hi, hope the ipod thing works out, love the mini on sis.

I love reading your blog so much fun.

Kara said...

Poor iPod. That sucks. AH! I totally LOVE that mini, your style kills me. So glad that I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

D- You certainly rocked that challenge. Such a rad idea. Love the ATC's!!! CTS ... uhggg! Anti inflams & ice to the area is what I recommend and if you can get some soft tissue massage to the area of pain on a daily basis, it should feel better soon. (I do physical therapy too) Hope you feel better in a few weeks as long as your not using it too much. (how can that be done?!!!) Adore your work!!

michelle raMirez said...

that mini is the best EVER.
i mean EVER.