Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm going to be honest about a creative goal (100 things mission '08) in my life that's causing all kinds of change. Last night, after I finished my LO for this weeks WWC #9, I noticed something funny I thought I'd NEVER ever change is completely taking a turn for the better. I'm referring to my strong dislike for the color *Pink* *cough*pewk* :)

Umm... okay- I DON'T like pink. EVERYONE who knows me knows I VERY much DISLIKE pink**cough*pewk* But at the start of this year, I purchased a sewing machine and then after that found a LARGE amount of pink *cough* pewk* thread during a thrift find. (which I am gladly using in my sewing projects)

First off, I hope you can't tell how much I can't stand the color pink. Either in my work or in my wardrobe and living environment. I talked about changing your FAV color. Well, pink**cough*pewk* will never be that :) JK. Okay- so I'm LEARNING to like it. and that my friends is a big step.

Let me explain why I can't stand the color.
I wore it out from my 1+weeks to 17 years of my life. My parents had such a huge impact on what I wore. So I give them the credit for this dislike. :) And for the fact that they dressed me in excessive amounts of it in the most awful + fluffy + bright + itchy+ flowery dresses. (Which is another strong dislike-I hate dresses. And i think it has something to do with being a drummer-LONG story) AND add to that the Pepto Bismol Pink* of bedrooms to go with the ugly dresses. For pete's sake people I was wearing PINK L.A.Gears! AAAAAAHHHHH! Tell me I wasn't the only one!? I so can't be the only one :)LOL

So change is SO gradual. But I'm starting to see pink in a new light. I see it loves orange. It seems to get along very well with red and I appreciate it's friendliness. I've really liked this fun experience of sewing and crafting and creating. It really pushes those boundaries you've set up for NO particular reason. Other than the uncool flashbacks to the butt UGLY pink dresses-pewk.

Ah, one step at a time.

:::79::: to go!

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sandra said...

i still have my l.a. gears from when i was a little girl in a box somewhere. i wanted to be just like my cousin and had matching ones. we did the scrunchy sock thing too! haha