Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shop till ya drop

Doesn't that just make you smile?
Buying new papers and embellies?

Well head over to SIS and get yourself some new papers and stuff to PLAY! LOVE to play. Love love love it. JJ and her SA-weet crew have been working so hard on the new boutique and it is just fabulous! Way to go JJ! She's making a prettier place for us to shop in :)

I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comments. Man, sometimes I see the reaction on my families faces when I show them some of the work I finish. And the reaction I get is SO FUNNY! LOL I really love them, they are not much for creating anything on paper (although they are really musically creative) except Gabby, my little sister - she just excels in quoting movies and songs at random. LOVE her. Never a dull moment I tell ya.

So my family thinks I'm crazy (which we already know I am) spray painting and taggin' up paper (NEVER walls-LOL) Looking at me like some weirdo and just saying to themselves "Yep, that's our Debee-sigh". I excel in that. And then there's the sewing. Don't even get me started on that. My brother called me grandma. AHHHHH! Seriously I love grandma's everywhere. Amen. Love them. I'M JUST NOT ONE! And I'm so not going to stop sewing on my LO's until I complete my mission.

Mission in '08: Create something and Sew on 100 pieces of art.
::: 80 ::: Pages to go!

Ya heard. I'm rollin'. I'm sewin'. I'm rockin' my sewing machine and LOVIN' it.

off to shop till I drop
come with me...we'll be happier creating something together :)


Anonymous said...

ooh, i sure wish we could meet up and do some serious shopping! we could probably hurt the bank accounts.

I know what ya mean about the family. My family members get all upset because I spend so much time scrapping, but I'm lucky because when I gift them with scrapbook pages they get all teary eyed. They all love it. (esp. my Dad)

When I asked my mom to teach me to sew she asked me why I wanted to learn. When I told her why, I just got that look. Yeah, I know you know what look that is. LOL.

I think I will head on over to the SIS to do some shopping with you.
I'll meet you there. hehe
Sandra :)

Keka said...

Ah man, I feel ya when it comes to my family. There's very few people that actually look forward to seeing my pages. But when they see it...they love them!

By the way, I went shopping yesterday! I wish I would've known sooner, I would've wait for u! lol. ;) xoxo girlie.

metrochic said...

so does this mean you're not coming to raid my stash? ;)

amytangerine said...

just adding you to my blog list! xoxo