Thursday, April 3, 2008


I completely believe this.
For you.
For me.
It's all in the beauty of faith.
I see it.
so let's do it- jump out of yourself
be brave, be bold and GO for it!

I was going through deleting duplicate files on my computer last night. And I came across this picture that reminded me of something super important to me. This picture is my shadow in Santa Barbara last summer.
I was going through a very difficult time personally (hence the vacation :)
I really needed to believe that things would change for the better. I really love butterflies. When I saw this chalk drawing on the sidewalk while visiting the Missions, I was reminded of the beauty in change. Just like a butterfly- it goes through several stages in life-transforming from one to the next.

So let's change things up. Try something different when creating your next LO. Change your fav color. Change your Starbucks order. But do something/anything to change what makes up YOU for the better. After all, how will you know until you try,right? ;)

Change the frown to a smile :) Because today we can fly. Happy Friday!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh my this is sooo beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you, girl!!
You totally rock.

I agree, change is sometime difficult, but can be so good for us.
There is lots of change in my life right now and I am choosing to embrace it and make the everyday count.

I love your attitude. Thanks for all the inspiration and love!

Have an awesome weekend.

dani said...

I'll be going and changing up my hair style tomorrow does that count?? :P
I'm going to think about this today...

I love your posts, they make me feel so hopeful!

Mandi Johnson said...

The picture is beautiful and so are the words!

Unknown said...

Hey there gorgeous lady!
Thanks for the reminder that we all have wings and that it is up to us where they fly and what we do with them.